We LOVE to see the pictures you share about your visits with us.   We want to say thanks by offering two different opportunities to earn free food.  The first is our #saycheese promo.  Just snap a pic of you and the crew enjoying some of our cheesy deep dish, share it in a public post on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #saycheese, tag the Third Coast location you frequent most, and watch our page for a drawing from eligible entries on the first day of the month for the 14" deep dish of your choice.   We also offer a free piece of our fan favorite house made carrot cake (at our Lenexa location) when you share a public review with a picture of your visit to NextDoor, Trip Advisor, Google, or any public foodie forum.  Just show your post to the cashier.   We  will also share the picture here in our gallery so be sure to "cheese it up"...or ham it up!