When our kids were growing up, they were active in scouting, sports, and music.




Depending on the season, there were almost always cases of yellow trash bags, gift wrap, or cookies piled to the rafters in our garage.





 …..and school skate nights were always a big favorite. 



We believe that activities for school age children are an important part of childhood.  Third Coast is proud to support the youth of our community by offering a generous as well as simple to organize fundraising program.  Organizing a fundraiser is easy!

  1. Call (913-232-9313) or email [email protected] to enquire about an available date.  We reserve Mondays and Wednesdays for fundraising.
  2. Promote your event.
  3. Participants can order online, phone in, or dine in anytime on the day of the event. They just need to mention your group when ordering. 
  4. Pick up the proceeds of your event as early as the next business day.


We offer the following tiers to help motivate your promoters to get the word out:



over $500=20%


A few housekeeping details:

Daily specials and tax are not eligible for fundraising totals.

Funds must be picked up by the contact person or organizer at the restaurant.  A photo ID must be presented.